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Myths Vs. Facts

MYTHS & FACTS ABOUT ORGAN DONATION Myth: Cannot save many lives with organ and tissue donation. Fact: One person with his tissues can impact the lives of 50 people and one organ donor can save up to eight lives.   Myth: Organ failures only affect the rich. Fact: It is estimated that there are more

Eye Donation

Eye or Cornea Donation The clear, transparent layer of tissue in front of the black portion of the eye is called the cornea and it helps in focussing by converging light rays to enter the eye and fall on the retina. Any damage or loss of transparency will directly result in blindness. Corneal Transplantation: Corneal blindness can

Organ Donation

Need for Organ Donation Shortage of organs is a universal problem and is more prevalent in Asian countries than the rest of the world. Organ donation rate in India is abysmally low at 0.5 per million persons. Virtually, all the natural deaths can be converted into corneal/eye donations and corneal blindness can be driven away. More than


Organ transplantation is one of the exceptional medical advances of the 20th century and it is the only way to treat patients with organ failure. The success rate of organ transplantation is  continuing to improve due to advances in surgical techniques, advancement in immunosuppressive therapy, and advanced organ preserving methods. Organs that are being successfully

Where does the registration happen and when will transplant happen?

All patients needing a transplant can choose a hospital recognized by the respective state government cadaver transplant authority and register in the hospital of their choice. After registration, a panel of doctor will review your application and upon their approval, name of the patient is kept in a waiting list with a unique ID provided to each

How to register to get an organ for transplant?

There are many patients that do not have a matching eligible living donor and in case of heart and lung transplant, the only way is to wait for a deceased donor. Once a patient is deemed a transplant candidate, they can register with the respective state government’s cadaver transplant programs from the hospital of their