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Pavan – gave new breath of life to six people

Pavan Kanduri was an intelligent young boy pursuing 12 th class with lot of ambitions for his future. He was a pleasant, kind and had always helped in mother with household work and his father in his business. He
was very helpful to others say his two brothers Abhishek and Abhilash. He was very kind to animals and always wanted to help others.

His friends had planned to visit Sanghi Temple in the outskirts of Hyderabad and while on his way met with an accident and was shifted to nearby hospital for treatment. Despite providing the best treatment, due to
the impact of the trauma, he was declared brain dead. There were about more than 200 people that visited the hospital to see Pavan. Though, initially his family could not believe that he was no more, later after
counselling, they had agreed to donate his organs and tissue. His corneas, kidneys, liver, heart and lungs were donated to the patients that are suffering from organ failure and were waiting for a new lease of life.
His parents and two brothers feel proud that Pavan has saved many lives and they believe that Pavan is not dead but alive in others.