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How to register to get an organ for transplant?

There are many patients that do not have a matching eligible living donor and in case of heart and lung transplant, the only way is to wait for a deceased donor.

Once a patient is deemed a transplant candidate, they can register with the respective state government’s cadaver transplant programs from the hospital of their choice.

Following is the list of some of the government bodies for your information.

Andhra Pradesh – Jeevandan

Kerala – Mrithasanjeevani

Karnataka – Jeevandsrthakathe (Transplant Authority of Karnataka)

Maharashtra – Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (Mumbai, Pune & Nagpur)

Rajasthan – Navjeevan

Tamil Nadu – Cadaver Transplant Program (TRANSTAN)

Telangana – Jeevandan

Note: Registration happens in a transplant centre recognized by the cadaver transplant authority of state government and the waiting list is maintained by the concerned State’s cadaver transplant authority.