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Light a Life – Success Story of Reena Raju

Reena Raju has been an inspiration and has given hope to many patients suffering from heart ailments that require heart transplantation. After becoming the first woman heart recipient in the state of Karnataka in 2009, she founded a charitable trust, called Light a Life Foundation, in 2011 and has actively campaigned promoting organ donation. She has also extensively campaigned on making heart transplants affordable and also the need for
support post-transplant as the medicines are expensive and has raised funds by conducting various charitable events to help the needy patients through Light a Life Foundation.

She frequently participates in various sports events and marathons to inspire patients that they can lead a healthy and normal life after transplant. She has also participated in World Transplant Games conducted in Malaga.
Reena Raju has visibly demonstrated the benefits of successful organ transplantation and has extensively worked to promote organ donation and thereby increase organ donation rate in India and has worked in rehabilitation and well being of the patients post organ transplantation.