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Mr. Sagi Sivaji – A Saviour

Sri. Sagi Sivaji, 36 years old, an energetic, humble and helpful person, loved by everyone, an employee of Vasudha Pharmaceuticals met with an accident while returning home. He was immediately taken to Apollo Hospital Vishakhapatnam for treatment but despite of providing the best treatment, he could not recover from the injuries that he succumbed during the accident. He was declared brain dead by the doctors of Apollo Hospital, Vishakhapatnam.

His friends and family members contacted counsellors of MOHAN Foundation and despite of being in grief, they were explained about the inevitability of brain death and have come forward to donate his organs and corneas on July 01, 2017. His liver, two kidneys, heart and lungs, two corneas were harvested and were given to patients suffering from organ failure through Jeevandan Scheme by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

We salute the members of his family and friends (Sri. Murali and other employees of Vasudha Pharmacy) for taking this noble decision of donating Sri. Sivaji’s organs and corneas. The family members expressed that they feel proud of the decision taken though nothing can bring Mr. Sivaji back, but they are happy that he could give some people a second chance to live and two people sight.

The idea of organ donation has come to the minds of the family members and friends of Sri. Sagi Sivaji as all the employees participated in the organ donation awareness activities conducted by Vasudha Foundation in association with MOHAN Foundation.