: Success Story

Vinodh Rayal – Campaigned for Organ Donation till his last breath

Sri Vinodh Rayal, an engineer by profession and an avid social worker since childhood has organized many social activities like education programmes, helping the disabled, organizing blood donation camps through Pawan Kalyan Fans Association. He also secured an admission for his Masters and was about to leave to USA for further education in a week before his death. He was working at Bangalore and was in the process of shifting back to his native place, Tirupati, to spend a week with his parents before leaving to US.

While in Bangalore, some of the fans had organized an awareness session on organ donation in Kolar near Bangalore. He had actively participated in the program and had actively campaigned on behalf of Pawan Kalyan Fans Association and has pledged to donate organs and tissues during the camp and has also pleaded all the fans to pledge and campaign for organ and tissue donation.

After finishing the program, though it was late, he wanted to go back to Tirupati. While on his way back to meet his parents, he was brutally murdered in an altercation while having dinner at a Dhaba near Kolar. His family came forward to donate his eyes as it was his last wish to donate organs and tissues. Knowing this, Sri Pawan Kalyan (prominent movie actor) had visited Vinodh’s home and expressed his condolences to the family of Sri Vinodh Rayal and had announced support to Vinodh Rayal Memorial Charitable Trust. Sri Pawan Kalyan has also been recently appointed as the brand ambassador for organ and tissue donation in Andhra Pradesh (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/amaravati/pawan-kalyan- appointed-as- jeevan-dhaan-brand-ambassador/articleshow/59846596.cms ).

Mr. Sagi Sivaji – A Saviour

Sri. Sagi Sivaji, 36 years old, an energetic, humble and helpful person, loved by everyone, an employee of Vasudha Pharmaceuticals met with an accident while returning home. He was immediately taken to Apollo Hospital Vishakhapatnam for treatment but despite of providing the best treatment, he could not recover from the injuries that he succumbed during the accident. He was declared brain dead by the doctors of Apollo Hospital, Vishakhapatnam.

His friends and family members contacted counsellors of MOHAN Foundation and despite of being in grief, they were explained about the inevitability of brain death and have come forward to donate his organs and corneas on July 01, 2017. His liver, two kidneys, heart and lungs, two corneas were harvested and were given to patients suffering from organ failure through Jeevandan Scheme by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

We salute the members of his family and friends (Sri. Murali and other employees of Vasudha Pharmacy) for taking this noble decision of donating Sri. Sivaji’s organs and corneas. The family members expressed that they feel proud of the decision taken though nothing can bring Mr. Sivaji back, but they are happy that he could give some people a second chance to live and two people sight.

The idea of organ donation has come to the minds of the family members and friends of Sri. Sagi Sivaji as all the employees participated in the organ donation awareness activities conducted by Vasudha Foundation in association with MOHAN Foundation.

Vasu Sandur – Running Life’s Race

Vasu Sandur has been a warrior fighting the kidney disease for the last 26 years. He had undergone kidney transplant in March 1992. He has actively worked for the welfare of kidney patients through
Kidney Welfare Association and has provided financial aid to many patients that could not afford treatment.

Vasu Sandur is the first Indian to participate and represent India in World Transplant Games 1997 in Sydney, Australia. He was a finalist in the 400 meters race in World Transplant Games 1999,Budapest, Hungary.

Vasu Sandur lives a simple life and has been actively managing Kidney Welfare Association in Bangalore along with his friends. He has been a warrior and has never given up his fight against the odds which includes kidney disease.

Pavan – gave new breath of life to six people

Pavan Kanduri was an intelligent young boy pursuing 12 th class with lot of ambitions for his future. He was a pleasant, kind and had always helped in mother with household work and his father in his business. He
was very helpful to others say his two brothers Abhishek and Abhilash. He was very kind to animals and always wanted to help others.

His friends had planned to visit Sanghi Temple in the outskirts of Hyderabad and while on his way met with an accident and was shifted to nearby hospital for treatment. Despite providing the best treatment, due to
the impact of the trauma, he was declared brain dead. There were about more than 200 people that visited the hospital to see Pavan. Though, initially his family could not believe that he was no more, later after
counselling, they had agreed to donate his organs and tissue. His corneas, kidneys, liver, heart and lungs were donated to the patients that are suffering from organ failure and were waiting for a new lease of life.
His parents and two brothers feel proud that Pavan has saved many lives and they believe that Pavan is not dead but alive in others.

Light a Life – Success Story of Reena Raju

Reena Raju has been an inspiration and has given hope to many patients suffering from heart ailments that require heart transplantation. After becoming the first woman heart recipient in the state of Karnataka in 2009, she founded a charitable trust, called Light a Life Foundation, in 2011 and has actively campaigned promoting organ donation. She has also extensively campaigned on making heart transplants affordable and also the need for
support post-transplant as the medicines are expensive and has raised funds by conducting various charitable events to help the needy patients through Light a Life Foundation.

She frequently participates in various sports events and marathons to inspire patients that they can lead a healthy and normal life after transplant. She has also participated in World Transplant Games conducted in Malaga.
Reena Raju has visibly demonstrated the benefits of successful organ transplantation and has extensively worked to promote organ donation and thereby increase organ donation rate in India and has worked in rehabilitation and well being of the patients post organ transplantation.